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Any person desirous of establishing a Rice Mill should comply with the following: 1. A written application must be made to the General Manager for a permit to establish a mill (in triplicate).| This should be accompanied by: The building plans. The certificate of title, lease or any other document evidencing title or a right […]

Steps taken to Export Rice and Rice BY Product Step 1 Prior to export, the exporter is required to submit a contract to the Board for approval. Contract will be monitored with respect to: Appropriateness of payment terms and conditions Quality and Quantity to be shipped Documents required Any other clause that may be necessary […]

Application of Fertilizer Nitrogen fertilizer (urea) increases the number of tillers produced by the rice plant. It also allows for rapid change of leaves; replacement of dying and damaged leaves. Management of Water The high level of water in the field (above 4”) affects the number of tillers, effective uptake of fertilizer, height, sturdiness of […]

DO Handle seed bags with care and in a gentle way. Label seed bags properly. Cover the seeds with plastic sheet/tarpaulin while transporting in open truck/ trolley on rainy days. Treat the seed paddy with the recommended insecticides and fungicides. Store the seed paddy at the recommended rate in the bag for soaking. Soak the […]

The Guyana Rice Development Board will be conducting a training course in all rice growing regions for Quality Control personnel desirous of obtaining a Grader’s License. All Farmers, Millers and Exporters are invited to participate in this training. Training will be conducted according to the below mentioned schedule. A fee of $15,000 will be charged […]

GRDB held an open day at the Rice Research Station, Burma as part of the Agriculture Month Celebration. The open day allowed farmers and the public to interact with Research Scientists and staff of the GRDB.  

Guyana’s rice industry has been progressing steadily despite challenges, including unusual weather patterns, the high cost of inputs and not so favourable market conditions, among others. This positive trend in the industry is as a result of sound agricultural policies and programmes that target improvements in all facets of the industry. These include significant Government […]

Achievement of unprecedented production levels has marked 2013 as a highly-successful year for the Rice Industry, with production and exports surpassing the budgeted amount. Production for the year is recorded as 535,555 mt of rice – 30% above the budgeted amount of 413,031 mt. The 2013 production represents a 27% increase over the 422,058 mt […]

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