Annual Reports

09May 2017

The Guyana rice industry performed very well in 2015, in spite of various challenges such as the unfavourable weather conditions, low prices for paddy and loss of a premium market. Production for 2015 closed at 1,058,129 metric tonnes paddy, which is equivalent to 687,784 metric tonnes of rice. This is the highest production recorded in the […]

15Sep 2016

The year 2007 can be described as one with mixed fortunes. During that year we have seen one of the highest exports since 1997. The year started with one of the largest crop, but due to the extended rainy season, we have seen one of the smallest crop in the last decade. These high exports […]

15Sep 2016

2008 can be considered one of the better years for the rice sector in the last decade. During this year we saw the highest prices being paid for rice and thus in some cases the stakeholders were once again making some profits. This year was also celebrated as Guyana’s 100th year as a significant exporter […]

08Sep 2016

2009 could be described as a year of mixed fortunes for the Guyana Rice Sector. The year started with farmers suffering from fl ooding and ending with the second crop being one of the largest ever. There was also a decline in export prices when compared. Jagnarine Singh General Manager Download your own copy here…

08Sep 2016

2010 can be considered a year of many challenges. The year started with El Nino conditions and ended with the opposite- La Nina conditions. Despite the many challenges, we have experienced a record year for exports and a very good year for production. This is due to no small sacrifice of the farmers; as we […]

08Sep 2016

2012 can be considered a successful year for the rice industry, where rice producti on was recorded at 422,057 tonnes – by far the largest ever producti on in our history, compared with 2011, which was 402,000 tonnes. Export was 334,140 tonnes – the second largest ever (2010 was the largest amount of 336,313 tonnes), […]

25Jan 2015

Guyana’s rice industry has been progressing steadily despite challenges, including unusual weather patterns, the high cost of inputs and not so favourable market conditions, among others. This positive trend in the industry is as a result of sound agricultural policies and programmes that target improvements in all facets of the industry. These include significant Government […]

25Jan 2014

Achievement of unprecedented production levels has marked 2013 as a highly-successful year for the Rice Industry, with production and exports surpassing the budgeted amount. Production for the year is recorded as 535,555 mt of rice – 30% above the budgeted amount of 413,031 mt. The 2013 production represents a 27% increase over the 422,058 mt […]

02Jan 2012

The rice industry continues to make a significant contribution to the economy of Guyana. This is the third year in succession we have recorded a positive growth in this sector and it has again surpassed sugar as the most productive agriculture industry in Guyana. This significant  achievement , which has great implications for Guyana’s economy, […]