How Do I?

12Oct 2016

Requirements for Export Licence A notarized copy of the business Registration or Articles of incorporation of the business. Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) Passport size Photograph of the Directors National Identification Card (ID) A letter of intent that will include: Countries to which the rice will be exported and The source of paddy and or rice […]

03Aug 2016

Any person desirous of establishing a Rice Mill should comply with the following: 1. A written application must be made to the General Manager for a permit to establish a mill (in triplicate).| This should be accompanied by: The building plans. The certificate of title, lease or any other document evidencing title or a right […]

03Aug 2016

Steps taken to Export Rice and Rice BY Product Step 1 Prior to export, the exporter is required to submit a contract to the Board for approval. Contract will be monitored with respect to: Appropriateness of payment terms and conditions Quality and Quantity to be shipped Documents required Any other clause that may be necessary […]