The Administrative department is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Board such as procurement, personnel management, systems management, transportation and general maintenance companywide, among other matters.

  • Contact Person: Ms. Janesa Marcus | 592-225-3839


This component of the Board’s activities forms an integral part of its operations. Based at the Rice Research Station (RRS), Mahaicony, this unit is where new varieties are developed to enable farmers’ access to plants that are more conducive to providing a better quality and higher volume of grain, as well as greater resistance to pests, diseases and weather fluctuations. Research at the Station is done in the Plant Breeding, Entomology, Agronomy and Plant Pathology departments.

  • Contact Person: Dr. Mahendra Persaud PhD. MSc. BSc. AA. | 592-232-1301

Seed Production

The Seed Production Department aims to produce a sufficient quantity of high quality seeds of commercial varieties which are then sold to farmers and seed growers for the cultivation of their rice crop.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Satanand Narain | 592-232-1020


The Extension Department facilitates the transfer of technology from the Rice Research Station to the farmer. Extension Officers are based in all regions and regularly meet with farmers, thus, this component of the Board serves as an advisory body to assist the farmers in the acquisition of inputs, and retooling with new technology available. Additionally, it disseminates pertinent data to stakeholders countrywide, that could lead to improved and more productive husbandry practices.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Kuldip Ragnauth | 592-232-1395

Quality Control

The Quality Control Department is responsible for ensuring that the quality of rice produced and/or sold by rice millers and exporters meet the requisite specifications. It is headed by a Quality Control Manager, who is supported by Regional Supervisors, Grading Officers, Technical Assistants in all the rice growing regions, Research Assistants and a Confidential Secretary. These Officers are tasked with ensuring that rice leaving Guyana is of the prescribed quality as per contract requirements and international standards.

  • Contact Person: Ms. Allison Peters | 592-225-5792

Post Harvest/Value Added

The Post Harvest/Value Added department conducts research in two areas: post-harvest processes associated with rice production and manufacturing initiatives with value-added products that can be made from rice and its by-products.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Dhirendranath Singh | 592-226-8223


This department is responsible for the preparation of all relevant documentation, such as customs documents, for the exportation of rice and rice products from Guyana. It also functions to aid in the facilitation of commodity trade between government to government contracts.

  • Contact Person: Mrs. Gloria Chester | 592-225-3619


This department is responsible for all financial management companywide such as preparation of financial documents, accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll and stores management.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Errol Chester | 592-225-1215

Internal Audit

To maintain the requisite operational procedures and ensure that prescribed standards are upheld, this department has an Internal Auditor, who audits the daily transactions of the Board.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Tyrone Shiwprasad | 227-7297