Support Services

Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance Divisions (also called Support Services) complement the other Divisions in carrying out their functions.  Towards this end, the Administrative and the Finance Divisions aim to promote the general efficiency of the work force to provide courteous, prompt and efficient services to the public.

The Guyana Rice Development Board endeavors to obtain the fullest degree of friendly and cooperative relations between the Board and its employees. This means that the Board must set standards in accordance with its new mandate.

This would include:

  1. Attracting the right caliber of employees; and
  2. Developing its employees to respond to the demands of its clients.

To attract and retain clients require that our products and services be of the highest quality.  In keeping with this philosophy, the Support Services is guided by a strategic objective, which is:

To provide efficient and effective services that promote the development and welfare of employees

Strategic Objectives

This strategic objective is supported by the following key operational objectives which are:

  •  To recruit and retain a highly skilled and competent team that is motivated to produce quality service.
  • To establish and implement a comprehensive training plan for staff development.
  • To establish and maintain comprehensive human resources policies to satisfy the needs of the Guyana Rice Development Board.
  • To provide secretarial services to the Board of Directors.
  • To provide personnel services to employees.
  • To deal with legal matters of the Board.
  • To issue rice milling and export licenses.
  • To prepare and managed the Board’s budgets.
  • To prepare and administer payrolls.
  • To provide store keeping and inventory control.
  • To undertake procurement of supplies.