1. Handle seed bags with care and in a gentle way.
  2. Label seed bags properly.
  3. Cover the seeds with plastic sheet/tarpaulin while transporting in open truck/ trolley on rainy days.
  4. Treat the seed paddy with the recommended insecticides and fungicides.
  5. Store the seed paddy at the recommended rate in the bag for soaking.
  6. Soak the seed paddy in clean, fresh running water (24-30 hrs).
  7. Drain the excess water, allow germination for 36 to 48 hours.
  8. Plant the germinated seeds on time.


  1. Throw seed bags from height.
  2. Mix with other variety seed/grains.
  3. Expose to rain, humidity and high heat (>42 oC).
  4. Broadcast germinated seed if the root is longer than 5 cm (2 inches).