About Us

The GRDB was established in 1995, in pursuance of the Guyana Rice Development Board Act No. 15 of 1994.   The three entities that were controlling the state’s interests in the industry prior to the formation of GRDB were dissolved.   The roles of these entities – the Guyana Rice Export Board (GREB), Guyana Rice Milling & Marketing Authority (GRMMA) and the National Padi & Rice Grading Centre (NPRGC) have been usurped and are now pursued by GRDB.   The main objectives of the GRDB include.

  • To develop the rice industry in Guyana and to promote the expansion of the export trade in the said industry;
  • To establish facilities for the conduct of research, relating to rice and extending to rice farmers through an established system, the benefits derived from such research;
  • To engage in such promotional and developmental activities which the Board deems necessary for the purpose of developing the rice industry.