04Oct 2016

“Plant Breeding is the art and science of changing the traits of plants in order to product desired characteristics.” – Sleper and Poehlman, Breeding Field Crops, 1995. Rice Breeding in Retrospect Rice was introduced in Guyana in 1750 by the Dutch and later by the French in 1782. Soon after, the importance of the rice […]

04Oct 2016

Plant Pathology is defined as the study of the organisms and environmental conditions that causes disease in plants; the mechanisms by which this occurs, the interactions between these causal agents and the plant (effects on plant growth, yield and quality), and the methods of managing or controlling plant disease. RICE DISEASE CONTROL: Rice diseases continue to […]

03Oct 2016

Entomology is the study of insects. At GRDB, entomology includes the study of the major pests of rice. Areas of focus include: Species identification and distribution Rice ecosystem biodiversity Arthropod population dynamics and forecasting Economic impact of invertebrate pests (insects, snails, slugs) Varietal evaluation Chemical evaluation Biological control Post-harvest and storage pest studies Training and […]